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Specializing in old Pennsylvania Milk Bottles


I grew up on a small dairy farm in New Bethlehem, PA, and graduated from high school in 1966.  By this time  the old Surge Milkers were being fazed out and the "pipe-line" system with the bulk tanks for storing milk were taking over.  The local farms had Guernsey or Holsteins herds of 25-35 cows.  It wasn't affordable for these small farmers to switch to the bulk tank system so many farmers were being forced out of business.  Some had to sell their long-time family farms.  A few were able to hang on for a few years, selling "separated milk" to the local creamery.  Eventually the only working dairy farms in the area averaged 250 cows and they milked almost around the clock.  Thus came the large inventory of milkers, parts & equipment and the glass milk bottles.  Many of these items were tossed in land fills or old coal mines and buried.  I know of some original dairies in Pennsylvania that now wish they even had a few of their own bottles!

So here I am with rare old dairy milk bottles, milk cans, caps, and equipment for the collector and the home decorator!  Email with questions or with requests for something special you are looking to find and I will try to find it for you.  Enjoy the site and a step back into the past.

We also offer bottles from other states, go-with items, porch boxes, caps and crates


Site last updated: 12-24-11

We've added over 45 new Bottles to our inventory so take a look at the updated lists!!!

The Milk Maid
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